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Kitchen & Bedroom Worktop Colours.

Click here to view Colours of Laminate Worktops.

Click here to view Colours of Granite, Quartz & Composite Worktops.

Click one of the images below to view the range of TIMBER & GLASS worktop colours.

Below are just some of the glass & timber worktop colours available that Dream Kitchens can offer,
as well as laminate, solid surfacing, Corian ®, & Granite, offered on other pages - see the menu on the left.

It is difficult to post samples of glass & timber due to weight, but we are happy to offer samples to callers
at the showroom, (prior appointment only). For other details go to - Worktops

For the "Wow" factor, glass is stunning, offered in a dynamic array of colours...

Our glass worktops are optically clear, which means that when colour coated on the back of the glass you will see true colour definition. We toughen our glass where needed for maximum durability and safety. The coating we use on the back is so durable that you could leave the product in the worst conditions outside and it would not suffer any damage. With an extensive background in the kitchen industry we understand the needs and high standards required of the market and can offer the service to satisfy you.
Worktops in - GLASS (click image)

It may not be the best material in a wet area, but try using it with one of the other worktops above, for a
co-ordinating combination of both colours and textures, it will give your kitchen, both a touch of class and individuality.

Solid wood worksurfaces are an investment in timeless quality and natural beauty. Something to be treasured for a long, long time. Our worksurfaces are crafted from the finest quality hardwoods, so you can always be confident about their performance and durability.
Worktops in - TIMBER (click image)

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