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Refurbishment, Vinyl Kitchen Accessories - 1.

Vinyl Kitchen Doors. Any Design, Any Finish, Any Size.

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Please note:
The following door designs and colours are for the full door replacement of a kitchen, bedroom, living, or office only. Adding a new run of units remote from the original can be acceptable, but unfortunately we can not supply odd door replacements where they are mixed in with old.

Although we are happy to supply complete sets of new doors and accessories to refurbish your furniture, unfortunately we are now unable to supply any doors and/or accessories to match old missing or damaged doors where the supplier is unknown. Unless adding to an earlier order we have supplied, the possibility of realistically matching and identifying your existing vinyl door supplied from an unknown source, to one from our range is extremely slim.

The door design, sizes and shapes of moulding detail, woodgrain pattern, surface texture finish, colour tones and sheen level, can change dramatically from different manufacturers even if they look similar. Additionally, the costs and economics of matching and supplying low cost items is not practical, as research, packing and carriage costs can cost more than a small order making it uneconomical to supply.

The following is just a small sample of the many vinyl accessories we have to offer...

Our vinyl accessory range is manufactured from 18mm mdf covered in many colours but restricted in gloss. There are many different designs to choose from, whether you are looking for a Traditional or Contemporary we have them all. This will complete your kitchen makeover without breaking the bank!

Some of these are available made-to-measure, please ask before order, ideal for kitchen refurbishment.

Please mouseover any image below for an enlargement of the accessory shown.


Acc/B Pediment
Accessory Identity: VX1
Design: Pediment.
Colour: .
B Modern Canopy
Accessory Identity: VX2
Design: Modern Canopy.
Colour: .
B Plain Canopy
Accessory Identity: VX3
Design: Plain Canopy.
Colour: .
B Tongue and Groove Canopy
Accessory Identity: VX4
Design: T & G-Canopy.
Colour: .
B Wall Plate Rack
Accessory Identity: VX5
Design: Wall Plate Rack.
Colour: Venetian Maple.


B Corbal Detail on Mantle
Accessory Identity: VX25
Design: Corbal Detail on Mantle.
Colour: .
B Mantle with Narrow Shelf
Accessory Identity: VX26
Design: Mantle with Narrow Shelf.
Colour: .
B Mantle with Broad Shelf
Accessory Identity: VX27
Design: Mantle with Broad Shelf.
Colour: .
B Full chimney breast mantle
Accessory Identity: VX28
Design: Full Chimney Breast Mantle.
Colour: .


B Cabinet with Corner Brackets
Accessory Identity: VX6
Design: Cabinet with Corner-Brackets.
Colour: .
B Open Face Frame with no Glass
Accessory Identity: VX7
Design: Face Frame.
Colour: .
B Chalk Cork Notice Board
Accessory Identity: VX8
Design: Chalk-Cork, Notice Board.
Colour: .
B Frieze Pelmet
Accessory Identity: VX9
Design: Frieze Pelmet.
Colour: .
B Frieze Pattern, Wine Rack for 16 bottles
Accessory Identity: VX10
Design: Frieze Pattern Wine Rack 16-bottles.
Colour: .
B Plain Wine Rack for 16 bottles
Accessory Identity: VX11
Design: Plain Wine Rack 16-bottles.
Colour: .


B Sahara Carved Panels
Accessory Identity: VX12
Design: Sahara, Carved Panels.
Colour: .
B Frieze Pattern, Wine Rack for 8 bottles
Accessory Identity: VX13
Design: Frieze Pattern Wine Rack 8-bottles.
Colour: .
B Round Wine Rack for 5 bottles
Accessory Identity: VX14
Design: Round Wine Rack 5-bottles.
Colour: .
B Chunky Frame Surround
Accessory Identity: VX15
Design: Chunky Frame Surround.
Colour: White.
B Base End Shelf Unit
Accessory Identity: VX16
Design: Base End Shelf Unit.
Colour: Maple.
B Wall End Shelf Unit
Accessory Identity: VX17
Design: Wall End Shelf Unit.
Colour: Swiss Pear.


B Modern Pilaster
Accessory Identity: VX18
Design: Modern Pilaster.
Colour: .
B Column Pilaster
Accessory Identity: VX19
Design: Column Pilaster.
Colour: .
B Fluted Pilaster
Accessory Identity: VX20
Design: Fluted Pilaster.
Colour: .
B Gun Barrel Pilaster
Accessory Identity: VX21
Design: Gun-Barrel Pilaster.
Colour: .
B Radius Pilaster
Accessory Identity: VX22
Design: Radius Pilaster.
Colour: .
B Stepped Radius Pilaster
Accessory Identity: VX23
Design: Radius Pilaster Used on Breakfront.
Colour: .
B Reeded Pilaster
Accessory Identity: VX24
Design: Reeded Pilaster.
Colour: .

PELMETS ......

B Scalloped style Pelmet
Accessory Identity: VX29
Design: Scalloped Pelmet.
Colour: Ivory.
B Stepped Pelmet
Accessory Identity: VX30
Design: Stepped Pelmet.
Colour: Antique Pine.
B Arched style Pelmet
Accessory Identity: VX31
Design: Arched Pelmet.
Colour: Swiss Pear.


B Traditional style Cornice
Accessory Identity: VX32
Design: Traditional Cornice.
Colour: .
B Tangent style Cornice
Accessory Identity: VX33
Design: Tangent Cornice.
Colour: .
B Bullnose style Cornice
Accessory Identity: VX34
Design: Bullnose Cornice.
Colour: .
B Radius Tangent Cornice
Accessory Identity: VX35
Design: Radius Corner, Tangent Cornice.
Colour: .
B Traditional style Light Pelmet
Accessory Identity: VX36
Design: Traditional Light Pelmet.
Colour: .
B Tangent style Light Pelmet
Accessory Identity: VX37
Design: Tangent Light Pelmet.
Colour: Swiss Pear.
B Bullnose style Pelmet
Accessory Identity: VX38
Design: Bullnose Light Pelmet.
Colour: .


Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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