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′Un-fitted′ Free-standing kitchens.

As you can see from the pictures of kitchen units below, the furniture is built as individual pieces of furniture often in a Traditional Framed kitchen, style, as would be found on a traditional old fashioned kitchen. With the finished sides, the framed doors and robust support legs to each corner, this is what gives it that un-fitted look and turns each item into an individual, elegant piece of furniture.

An un-fitted kitchen does not use continuous long runs; there is no wall full of cabinets and long lengths of worktop. Instead, individual pieces of furniture that often have different styles but still retaining the same frontal design and colour, are used for each workspace. Even the sink is fitted within it′s own individual piece of furniture.

There are some large national kitchen companies with cheaper priced imitation units, but they are mostly offered with open shelves, have little or no door coverage and manufactured specifically to give the required style, but at the sacrifice of reducing the quality to give a more attractive cheaper cost. These cheaper units are often so badly made that they have difficulty in standing level, which restricts the doors and drawers opening smoothly. Open shelving can develop into huge grease and dust traps, giving a very untidy look to the kitchen. This type of kitchen unit only looks good if quality items are purchased, cheaper units although often a lot less in price, are not a good option and don′t take long to show up as to what they were - cheap.

Un-fitted units are only suitable for a very large kitchen as they require space all round to give them a grander un-fitted style, but if you have some spare centre space, an individual piece can be designed in to a standard kitchen as an island unit, this is available in our Cargo* range (see below).

The disadvantage of the un-fitted kitchen is that some storage space is lost. The advantage is that it opens up the room, makes it look larger and gives the room individuality, not crammed wall to wall with cupboards and appliances in regimented lines.

*Cargo* is a simple system of furniture components which provides for a fresh, creative approach to kitchen design - at a reasonable cost.
A wide selection of free standing individual furniture pieces - dressers, work areas, and island units can be made using standard modular kitchen carcases with door-line or drawer-line fascias within a special frame, this is to contain it as a solid robust individual piece of furniture.

Although this style looks more attractive, it is generally available at a higher cost than standard kitchen cupboards, due to the complexity of each individual unit.

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Kitchen, free-standing cargo-base
Kitchen, Island-unit Kitchen, Island-unit Kitchen, Island-unit
Kitchen, Island-unit