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Kitchen Design Trends - 2,

Contd....Appliances – new advances:

Some oven manufacturers are even experimenting with "Sous vide" this was invented in 1974 by chef Pierre Troisgrois, a Michelin-starred chef in Roanne, France, but more familar to tv viewers is used by chef Heston Blumenthal, this is the clever idea of packing food (to conserve flavour and moisture) into a vacuum sealed heavyweight plastic pouch, then immersing the bag into a bath of simmering water for long slow cooking for anything upto 72 hours.

With hobs the biggest sales rises are of sleek, flush fitting models with glass tops, be it be electric or gas. According to Atag appliances: "We are seeing a growing interest in seamless, elegant and minimalist design particularly exampled by Induction, or gas-on-glass models." See here for our view on Cooking with Induction against Gas....

Cooker hoods are now becoming an almost iconic fashion statement. According to one manufacturer: "the future design of hoods is based upon automatic sensors which detect cooking odours and room pollutants, perimeter aspiration and silent systems to offer noise reduction."

Currently the most desirable extractor will be the one hidden from view, it will be either below the worktop as in the downdraft hood, or ceiling height (or just below) as in the new ceiling extractors working with a remote contol. Both of these allow different size motor options to deal with either a large or small kitchen.

For Cooling appliances the trends are towards preserving food for longer. According to BSH appliances (Bosch and Neff): "Smart cooling technology will be the key trend in the future – creating the right storage conditions for the right foodstuffs." and at GE appliances they quote: "As reducing food waste continues to climb the agenda, consumers will be looking to their refrigerator to maximise the lifespan of fresh food."

Looking for Eco Friendly Kitchen Appliances?

When shopping for eco-friendly appliances, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming and most buyers give up the choice early and go for the cheapest. For many, energy ratings are not considered as it adds to the research required, but now energy efficiency website has done the research for you. The electricity running costs have been calculated at pence per unit and kg.

Sinks & Taps – new advances:

Although stainless steel sinks have always been popular, colour is making a big comeback. Stainless steel and colour combinations are also a key look. Taps are now available in a mixture of brushed stainless steel and a colour to match the sink. Black glass accessories and sliding glass covers are also on the increase, creating a stylish workstation for food preparation and an addition to the overall kitchen aesthetic.

A very popular tap at the moment is the professional quality spiral style tap, it is no longer limited to the commercial kitchen. These are two taps in one, with its swivel spout and flexible hand rinsing spray. Also fitted with ceramic disc technology, it guarantees great performance every time - with zero maintenance.

Blanco have now developed a new range of stainless steel sinks with a 1mm thick low profile outer edge. If Corian, quartz, granite or timber worktops are being used a small rebate in the cut-out will give you a sink flush with the worktop surface. Without the rebate the outer edge is still only 1mm proud of the worksurface.


Current worktop fashions are high gloss quartz giving a complete contemporary look, see the - Silestone showroom
Or for glass worktops to give the ultimate "WOW" factor, see the - Glass Gallery

For the leaner budget, contemporary laminate worktops are available, ranging through white to red and black, they can imitate the colours of the more expensive quartz worktops but at a much lesser cost, in these modern designs and colours they can transform the look of your kitchen. The focus on worktop textures and creating different effects can transform the kitchen visually. If you have chosen granite, quartz or Corian, using a different worktop edging profile can also change the overall look of the entire kitchen.

For the full range of modern contemporary laminate colours view here.


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