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Handles and knobs in the Kitchen

Please click, on one of these two image-links below to view some of the many handles available.

Kitchen cabinet handle collection             Kitchen Stori handles

Hundreds of different styles of knobs and handles to suit all tastes, contemporary, traditional, period, artistic or novelty.

First choose the material, wood or steel, which would go best?
Do you need to match with the appliances, or sink and taps?

6 kitchen cupboard handles

You can use a fancy handle on a plain cupboard door,
or a modern handle on a traditional style door?

6 kitchen cupboard handles

Why not try two types of handle - in the same kitchen?
This can work well on a 'Shaker' kitchen, using a 'D' handle on the doors,
and a cup handle on the drawers.

6 kitchen cupboard handles

Try an unusual style or colour!
Many handles, come in various shapes, shades and colours.

6 kitchen cupboard handles

Be adventurous make the style individual to you.

5 kitchen cupboard handles

Worried about the handle size in proportion to the door?
The larger the handle, the bolder the statement -
It really does give a 'WOW' factor!

26 kitchen cupboard handles 26 kitchen cupboard handles 26 kitchen cupboard handles
26 kitchen cupboard handles

Our Dream Kitchens design consultants have the experience to know the perfect handle to suit your door style.

Please contact us for more information.

Film of twelve collections of kitchen cabinet door handles