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Kitchen & Bedroom Worktop Colours.

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Click one of the images below to view the range of GRANITE, QUARTZ or COMPOSITE worktop colours.

There are many more granite colours that Dream Kitchens can offer, even more than shown on the right
as well as laminate, Glass & Timber, offered on other pages - see the menu on the left.

It is difficult to post samples of granite due to weight, but we are happy to offer samples to callers
at the showroom, (prior appointment only). For other details go to - Worktops

Non porous and absolutely stunning, many sparkling colours to choose from, try the links on the right....

Quartz is crystallised silicone dioxide; it is normally white or transparent, although it can appear in other colours if it forms in the presence of impurities. It can be found in its pure state or be present in other components. Its high durability and resistance to acids means it can be used in the manufacturing of a very wide range of precision and high performance products.
Worktops in - Quartz (click image)

Stone or granite, its absolutely natural, just look at some of the colours on the top right....

Granite is possibly the most common igneous rock type known to the general public. Granite, which is named for its granular or phaneritic texture, has crystals that tend to be easily seen, although they are generally small. It is a rock that has been used for centuries for many different purposes such as building material. Granite was used with limestone as a building material for the pyramids of Egypt. Its durability, beauty and abundance make it a preferred choice of stone over most others.
Worktops in - Granite (click image)

For a warm but dramatic effect, using a composite material....

Corian® has beauty, strength and versatility built into its very nature. Ideal for a range of kitchen styles from hi-tech to traditional. Corian® offers extraordinary design flexibility and comes in over 100 colours. Joined in a way that creates inconspicuous seams and a sleek, hygienic, non-porous surface, Corian is ideal for worktops, splashbacks and integral sinks and many other exciting applications.
Composite worktops in - CORIAN ® (click image)

Encore comes in a choice of 8 fashionable colours and is available in worksurfaces, upstands & splashbacks....

Run your fingers along the silky smooth surface and you appreciate the seamless beauty that only solid surfacing can achieve. This is the feeling of sheer luxury. Cool, sophisticated and uncompromisingly elegant in any kitchen setting. Please make the most of the free sample service!
Composite worktops in - ENCORE solid surfacing (click image)

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70 Granite colours

Film of thirty six granite colours

Each piece of granite displays colour variations inherent in natural stone. It is difficult to reproduce the actual color and depth of granite on your computer monitor. We suggest that final selections should be made from actual samples whenever possible.

Film of thirty four granite colours

Links to Quartz...

QUARTZ – Over 70 colours, textures and finishes in eight colour series, plus see a kitchen in your chosen colour.

QUARTZ – Aprox 70 colours, textures and finishes.

A resistant and elegant product of extremely high quality, with a most attractive appearance and perfect finishes, which offers countless possibilities for interior design. It is the ideal choice for countertops and floors in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as for high traffic areas.

In over 24 colours, Diresco Stone is more scratch-, and water-resistant, stain proof, colourfast and frost- and corrosion-resistant than the most durable natural stone and has excellent mechanical strength and dimensional stability.

Link to Corian...

COMPOSITE – If you can imagine it, you can probably create it with Corian®. Available in 91 colours, Corian® can be carved, routed or worked like wood, moulded, thermoformed or inlayed, the design options are almost limitless.

Links to other Solid Surfaces...

COMPOSITE – The HI-MACS® Kitchen & Bath Brochure provides information and inspiration about kitchen and bathroom HI-MACS® applications.

COMPOSITE – Hanex is a premium acrylic Solid Surface material. There are 100 colours to choose from including the classic favourites, terrazzo effects and brand new sophisticated neutral colours featuring pearlescent particles.

COMPOSITE – Solid Surfacing, for those seeking that exclusivity delivered through the feel of solid stone without the large premiums needed for bespoke solid surfacing or granite.


Caesarstone is proud to present to you an exciting visualizer at your fingertips, with the power to breathe new life into interior spaces.

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