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Kitchens have the potential to be the hubs of our homes. Having the right design can make yours a warm, welcoming and enjoyable place to cook, relax and entertain in. Like many things, trends and fashions influence what our kitchens look like, so what`s hot at the moment?

In recent years, one of the biggest growths in popularity in the field of interior design is the open-plan kitchen and dining area or living room. It means that there`s a lot more social space and room for interaction, which is particularly useful when you`re entertaining. The growth of the open plan kitchen has also risen to islands – central, multi-purpose hubs – playing a big role in kitchens. Multiple preparation areas also add a feeling of vibrancy, not to mention versatility.

As far as flooring goes, it would seem that lino has had its day and has been widely replaced by tiling and water-resistant wood or laminate. However, with wood-look lino providing a cost-effective alternative to real wood, it seems that the seemingly-antiquated surface is going down fighting.

Colours play an important role in creating a mood in any kitchen. A relaxing environment is what most homeowners want and going for rich, warm colours is a good way to achieve this. Whilst it might be tempting to go for the most trendy colours and finishes you can find, bear in mind that in a few years they might not seem quite so favourable.

Sustainable living has also come to play a more prominent part in the design of kitchens, with recycled or recyclable materials, wood from sustainable forests and energy-saving equipment all making increasingly frequent appearances in the most modern and stylish kitchen.

The colour of your kitchen also impacts on the shades you chose for your utensils. There are more options than ever before for outlandish colours and designs on items like casserole dishes. They`re certainly very appealing, but if you spend a lot of money on items that you want to be long-lasting, take into account their compatibility with any kitchens you may have in the future. Spending a little more on your utensils may prove better value in the long run.

A good polished granite surface, for instance, can really give your kitchen a hint of class and a real boost. They can be expensive, but they are also durable and long-lasting.

It`s also now commonplace to put an individual slant on your kitchen by bolstering it with trinkets, pictures, objects and items which are sourced from unusual places. So for really unique items, why not head to a bric-a-brac shop or car boot sale to pick up unique items?

Whatever your choices for your kitchen, it`s important to get a good home insurance policy to cover your investment. To get a satisfactory policy at a good price, you could compare home insurance quotes online with a comparison website. These websites allow you to easily view a wide selection of quotes with very little effort. But always be sure to check the features of the policy as well as the price.

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Catering Equipment ....

As with any business, it is important to make sure that you have the right equipment to do the job well. As a consumer, you would doubtless be furious if a window cleaner arrived at your house without the equipment to clean your windows, or would also be annoyed if the equipment was not suitable for the job. Of course, balanced against this, a business owner has to make a considered decision about the quality and extent of the equipment and this is particularly important within a kitchen. A catering business has to have certain standard equipment to do a good job, but there are always a variety of models of appliance and a whole collection of functions which machines can fulfil. Budgets, business needs and personal preference will play a part in the decision to purchase equipment, but here are a few areas of catering equipment to consider.

A. Equipment for food preparation

Of course, the size and nature of your catering business will dictate which equipment will best serve you, but food preparation equipment will doubtless be required in some form. For instance, you will need to consider some sort of stove, whether you choose gas or electric ovens, convection ovens or perhaps need deep fryers for to prepare your food products.

As well as the `big` items, you will also need a selection of cookware, from saucepans, to cooking pots and trays, baking trays together with a good set of knives and other food preparation cutlery. As with all considerations for purchase, you do not always have to invest in equipment which is at the very highest end of the market, although it is always worth bearing in mind that going for too cheap a brand may be false economy if it does not have an adequate lifespan or quality.

B. Equipment to store food

All modern kitchens will require decent commercial refrigerators and also freezers. The size of these items will depend on the size of your business and the amount of storage space that is needed for ingredients and pre-prepared food.

C. Equipment to deliver and serve the food

Again, the requirements in this category will depend on the type of catering business which you run. Clearly a wedding catering business would be different to a fish and chip shop. However, there is a huge range of equipment to chose from, ranging from chairs and tables, to platters and serving cutlery, glassware and plates. Of course, you can add to your suite of equipment as your business (and profits) develop too.

In all cases, it is important to use a reputable catering equipment supplier who will provide good quality equipment for good value and offer a good range of products to choose from.


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