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Kitchen: Electric Oven Functions explained - 2

oven Knob symbols

This page is not a cooking guide, but shows some of the many cooking functions available when looking for your oven purchase. Although different manufacturers have different symbol designs, they all look very similar in style to those below.

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The quote "you get what you pay for" most definitely applies to appliances, even more so with ovens. Few people research enough to buy the oven they really need that suits their cooking skills and requirements. Instead of having the functions they wish their oven to carry out, they end up buying on impulse as it is cheap, as price is often the main decision with their purchase, actual needs are not thought through correctly. Once you have bought the oven it is too late, so do some research first, you will be surprised how it will change your decision. A better quality appliance will last you for many more years, as the quality build is better and so more reliable - and the oven will carry out all the functions you would expect it to do using your superior cooking skills.

What is the function of that oven symbol? For a short description find the required image below.

Essential Oven functions - Continued from page 1:

Oven - Fanned Grill:

Oven symbol for fan grill The grill element cycles on and off alternately, and the fan distributes the heat produced by the grill. This method can reduce cooking times by 35 to 40% and is ideal for meats and poultry if you′re after a rotisserie result. The oven door must be closed.

Oven - Plate warming:

Oven symbol for plate warming Low temperature plate warming setting. Hot air is circulated at upto 65°C to safely warm your crockery.

Oven - Dough Proving:

Oven symbol for dough This function provides a warm, damp environment perfect for proving dough yeast.

Oven - Bread Baking:

Oven symbol for bread This setting is only found on the more specialist ovens which are in the more expensive market. The bread baking temperature ranges between 180°C and 220°C. This is ideally suited to baking crusty bread with a open texture. Upto several levels of bread can be baked at the same time.

Oven - Steam Cooking:

Oven symbol for steam The convection steam oven is perfect for anyone who has a healthy attitude toward cooking. These ovens operate without increased cavity pressure but still allow a perfect distribution of heat and moisture.

Oven - Fan/Steam Cooking:

Oven symbol for CircoSteam The latest advanced steam combination fan/steam ovens allow you to combine hot air cooking and steaming at the same time. This means you can prepare all sorts of foods - bread, meat and fish, for example - keeping them beautifully moist on the inside but satisfyingly crisp on the outside.

Combi Oven - Microwave:

Oven symbol for microwave Standard microwave cooking within the fan oven.

Combi Oven - Fan Microwave:

Oven symbol for fan microwave Standard microwave cooking with the addition of the heated fan oven, used together can substantially reduce cooking times.

Combi Oven - Grill Microwave:

Oven symbol for grill microwave Standard microwave cooking with the addition of the high power oven grill for browning.

Oven - Eco Setting:

Oven symbol for eco energy saving setting This is an energy saving programme that can save upto 20% compared to conventional cooking. The energy saving is achieved by the oven not requiring pre-heating so cooking times might be slightly longer and the temperature might fluctuate slightly. Ideal for non heat sensitive foods such as casseroles, stews, pot roasting etc. Heat is produced by the grill and base elements.

Oven - Low Temperature Cooking:

Oven symbol for low temperature cooking As well as Neff appliances, De Dietrich also incorporate Low Temperature Cooking as an alternative to conventional roasting. Featuring eight pre-selected menus, from pink or well cooked lamb, rare or well cooked beef to fish and milk puddings, the multifunction oven cooks at a constant temperature of less than 100°C and automatically sets the duration to provide the best results.

Oven - Computerised Intelligent Control System:

Oven symbol for computerised Intelligent control system Many of the top end quality ovens have a computerised Intelligent control system. The symbol shown is an example from a De-Dietrich oven. Just select the desired image, e.g. chicken, beef or pizza from a selection of commonly cooked dishes, and the oven will set all the parameters. Using sensors, it assesses the weight and density of the food, automatically suggests the correct shelf, function and temperature and continually monitors the dish as it cooks, changing any settings if required. Another option is to use integrated cooking guide which contains many pre-programmed cooking options. Just choose which dish you want and enter the weight of the food using the Interactive Display. The oven automatically determines the most suitable cooking method, temperature, and cooking time.

Oven - Recipe function:

Oven symbol for recipes This function automatically programmes the optimum time, duration and settings for various foods.

Oven - Pizza mode:

Oven symbol for pizza A pizza mode is designed to ensure a perfectly cooked pizza with a crispy base. In most ovens this can give a slightly better result than just using the fan mode. It′s worth considering if you eat a lot of pizza.

Link to conversion chart for Oven Temperatures

An important part of your decisions will be the EU ENERGY RATINGS buying the most efficient products and saving money on your electricity too. Efficient appliances are also more environmentally friendly,
reducing your impact on global warming and help reduce carbon emissions.

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