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Kitchen: Electric Oven Functions explained - 3

oven Knob symbols

This page is not a cooking guide, but shows some of the many cooking functions available when looking for your oven purchase. Although different manufacturers have different symbol designs, they all look very similar in style to those below.

Before buying or purchasing any kitchen equipment or appliance like electric cookers, stove, microwave ovens, or any other type of oven, it is important that you know, not only its functions, but its durability as well. On this site, you will find many interesting and useful pieces of information about the many functions of oven and the many ways you can use it. Aside from its functionality, other matters and facts, which might be very useful to you, are discussed here.

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The quote "you get what you pay for" most definitely applies to appliances, even more so with ovens. Few people research enough to buy the oven they really need that suits their cooking skills and requirements. Instead of having the functions they wish their oven to carry out, they end up buying on impulse as it is cheap, as price is often the main decision with their purchase, actual needs are not thought through correctly. Once you have bought the oven it is too late, so do some research first, you will be surprised how it will change your decision. A better quality appliance will last you for many more years, as the quality build is better and so more reliable - and the oven will carry out all the functions you would expect it to do using your superior cooking skills.

What is the function of that oven symbol? For a short description find the required image below.

Essential Oven functions - Continued from page 2:

Oven Timers and programmers:

Oven digital timer The ‘minute minder’ is the most basic and turns the oven off after a set amount of time. Most ovens now have a digital clock and some sort of timer. They sound an alarm when the set time is up. Advanced auto timers can be programmed to let you start and end times, by pre-programming the oven to start and finish cooking at pre-set times, so you can return home and dinner will be ready to serve.

Oven - Meat Probe:

Oven symbol for probe The oven probe thermometer makes cooking less work and improve your odds of success in cooking at the correct temperature. Using the probe, you can keep track of the internal temperature of the food while keeping the oven door closed. The probe is attached to the oven or microwave by a thin wire, the appliance will calculate the temperature/time required. This is especially useful for cooking large foods, such as roasts or turkeys, when checking the temperature in more than one place is advised.

Oven - Child Lock:

Oven symbol for child lock The child lock is an essential safety feature, De Dietrich use it on most of their models whereby the control panel can be disabled to prevent accidental operation, ensuring peace of mind at all times.

Oven - Cool Door:

Oven symbol for cool door On the better quality ovens, multiple glass door panes provide extra insulation to help retain the heat within the interior of the oven, and keep the outer door glass cooler to the touch. A cooling fan further cools the door by drawing in cool air and circulating it through the multiple glass door panes during both the cooking and cleaning process. Brands such as De Dietrich have gone one step further with the cool door, where the temperature during normal cooking, is only 25°C at the centre of the outer oven door.

Oven Cleaning functions:

Oven - CeramiClean®:

Oven symbol for clean setting A special setting within Neff ovens designed to keep CeramiClean® surfaces inside the oven as clean as possible. On some models this is a manual feature, on others this is fully electronic. Used on a regular basis it can keep your oven interior lines remarkably clean.

Oven - AquaCleanse®:

Oven symbol for aqua clean Another Neff function. AquaCleanse® is a brilliant aid to cleaning, softening greasy residues that can then be wiped away. All you have to do is add three quarters of a pint of water and some washing up liquid to the base of your oven. Then, choose the Q symbol on your oven′s control panel. This will activate the bottom heat function to heat the water to 60°C. This produces steam throughout the oven which softens any greasy deposits. When the water cools, you can wipe out the oven with a sponge or cloth. This is not a self cleaning function.

Oven - Catalytic liners:

Oven symbol for catalytic liners Catalytic liners are made of porous material which absorbs grease. At high temperature a reaction takes place between the material and grease and stains are dispersed as a vapour, making your oven walls easier to keep clean. Catalytic liners should never be cleaned manually. Most ovens that are sold with catalytic liners have two panels (one to each side) but some more expensive models can have up to four, this can cover the roof or back or both.

Oven - Pyrolytic programs:

Oven symbol for pyrolytic program Pyrolytic oven programs burn off dirt and grease at up to about 500°C. All you do is sweep out the ash afterwards. They can take 2 hours - or more, and for safety the oven door will lock during this time.

Do you want to see how a Pyroclean oven works? Watch the video below.

Video camera  Video - Cleaning with a Pyrolytic oven ....

Approximate conversion chart for Oven Temperatures

Gas setting °Farenheit °Centigrade
Gas Mark ¼ 225°F 110°C
Gas Mark ½ 250°F 120°C
Gas Mark 1 275°F 135°C
Gas Mark 2 300°F 150°C
Gas Mark 3 325°F 165°C
Gas Mark 4 350°F 175°C
Gas Mark 5 375°F 190°C
Gas Mark 6 400°F 205°C
Gas Mark 7 425°F 220°C
Gas Mark 8 450°F 230°C
Gas Mark 9 475°F 245°C
Gas Mark 10 500°F 260°C

An important part of your decisions will be the EU ENERGY RATINGS buying the most efficient products and saving money on your electricity too. Efficient appliances are also more environmentally friendly,
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