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Contemporary, Made-to-Measure Vinyl Doors - 1,

Vinyl Kitchen Doors. Any Design, Any Finish, Any Size.

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Please note:
The following door designs and colours are for the full door replacement of a kitchen, bedroom, living, or office only. Adding a new run of units remote from the original can be acceptable, but unfortunately we can not supply odd door replacements where they are mixed in with old.

Although we are happy to supply complete sets of new doors and accessories to refurbish your furniture, unfortunately we are now unable to supply any doors and/or accessories to match old missing or damaged doors where the supplier is unknown. Unless adding to an earlier order we have supplied, the possibility of realistically matching and identifying your existing vinyl door supplied from an unknown source, to one from our range is extremely slim.

The door design, sizes and shapes of moulding detail, woodgrain pattern, surface texture finish, colour tones and sheen level, can change dramatically from different manufacturers even if they look similar. Additionally, the costs and economics of matching and supplying low cost items is not practical, as research, packing and carriage costs can cost more than a small order making it uneconomical to supply.

The following is just a small sample of the many contemporary style doors we have to offer...

Our vinyl kitchen door range is manufactured from 18mm mdf with most of the colours having a matching melamine back to the door. There are many colours in the contemporary vinyl collection, with different designs to choose from giving a lot of combinations. We also have matching accessories so you can give your kitchen a complete makeover without breaking the bank!

These doors are available made-to-measure so are available any size, ideal for kitchen door replacement.

Please mouseover any image below for an enlargement of the door shown.

A-Classic Montana Oak
Door Identity: AC-1
Design: Classic.
Colour: Montana Oak.
    B-Malaga Tobacco
Door Identity: B2C-2
Design: Malaga.
Colour: Tobacco.
     A-Cottage Arched Oyster
Door Identity: AC-3
Design: Cottage Arched.
Colour: Oyster.
     A-Derwent Pippy Oak
Door Identity: AC-5
Design: Derwent.
Colour: Pippy Oak.
     A-Geneva Milano Cherry
Door Identity: AC-6
Design: Geneva.
Colour: Milano Cherry.
     A-Imola Venetian Maple
Door Identity: AC-7
Design: Imola.
Colour: Venetian Maple.
     A-Milan Mainau Birch
Door Identity: AC-9
Design: Milan.
Colour: Mainau Birch.
     A-Millenium French Walnut
Door Identity: AC-10
Design: Millenium.
Colour: French Walnut.

A-Monaco Stilo Walnut
Door Identity: AC-11
Design: Monaco.
Colour: Stilo Walnut.
     A-Savannah Light Beech
Door Identity: AC-12
Design: Savannah.
Colour: Light Beech.
     B-Shaker Lisa Oak
Door Identity: BC-13
Design: Shaker.
Colour: Lisa Oak.
     A-Valencia Celtic Birch
Door Identity: AC-14
Design: Valencia.
Colour: Celtic Birch.
     B-Geneva Beech
Door Identity: BC-15
Design: Geneva.
Colour: Beech.
     A-Derwent Venetian Maple
Door Identity: AC-16
Design: Derwent.
Colour: Venetian Maple.
     A-V-Square Ivory Ash
Door Identity: AC-17
Design: V-Square.
Colour: Ivory Ash.
     A-Waverley Dark Walnut
Door Identity: AC-18
Design: Waverley.
Colour: Dark Walnut.
     A-Valencia Venetian Maple
Door Identity: AC-19
Design: Valencia.
Colour: Venetian Maple.

S-Ascot Memphis Cherry
Door Identity: SC-21
Design: Ascot.
Colour: Memphis Cherry.
     S-Bronte Parchment
Door Identity: SC-22
Design: Bronte.
Colour: Parchment.
     S-HDesign Trivero Walnut
Door Identity: SC-23
Design: H-Design.
Colour: Trivero Walnut.
     B-Scoop Portofino Cherry
Door Identity: BC-24
Design: Scoop.
Colour: Portofino Cherry.
     S-Kilby Vanilla
Door Identity: SC-26
Design: Kilby.
Colour: Vanilla.
     S-Maidstone Nancy Ash
Door Identity: SC-27
Design: Maidstone.
Colour: Nancy Ash.
     S-Yeovil Walnut
Door Identity: SC-28
Design: Yeovil.
Colour: Walnut.
     S-Springfield Cream Ash
Door Identity: SC-29
Design: Springfield.
Colour: Cream Ash.
     S-Saxon Swiss Pear
Door Identity: SC-30
Design: Saxon.
Colour: Swiss Pear.

B-Sherwood Pale Cream
Door Identity: B2C-31
Design: Sherwood.
Colour: Pale Cream.
     S-Yeovil Ontario Maple
Door Identity: SC-32
Design: Yeovil.
Colour: Ontario Maple.
     S-Kilby Buttermilk
Door Identity: SC-33
Design: Kilby.
Colour: Buttermilk.
     S-Panel Groove Corsico Chestnut
Door Identity: SC-34
Design: Panel-Groove.
Colour: Corsico Chestnut.
     S-Stealth Steel
Door Identity: SC-35
Design: Stealth.
Colour: Steel.
     S-Cubist Tobacco Walnut
Door Identity: SC-36
Design: Cubist.
Colour: Tobacco Walnut.
     S-Cubist Red Alder
Door Identity: SC-37
Design: Cubist.
Colour: RedAlder.
     S-Cubist Wenge
Door Identity: SC-38
Design: Cubist.
Colour: Wenge.
     B-Ashford Swiss Pear
Door Identity: B2C-39
Design: Ashford.
Colour: Swiss Pear.
     B-Colbourne Chestnut
Door Identity: B2C-40
Design: Colbourne.
Colour: Chestnut.

B-Geneva Walnut
Door Identity: B2C-41
Design: Geneva.
Colour: Walnut.
     B-Kielder Montana Oak
Door Identity: B2C-43
Design: Kielder.
Colour: Montana Oak.
     B-Madrid Celtic Birch
Door Identity: B2C-44
Design: Madrid.
Colour: Celtic Birch.
     B-Malaga Tobacco
Door Identity: B2C-45
Design: Malaga.
Colour: Tobacco.
     B-Millennium Mainau Birch
Door Identity: B2C-46
Design: Millennium.
Colour: Mainau Birch.
     B-Roma Cherry
Door Identity: B2C-47
Design: Roma.
Colour: Cherry.
     A-Ashford Riven Blackberry
Door Identity: AC-48
Design: Ashford.
Colour: Riven Blackberry.
     A-Cambridge Satin Olivewood
Door Identity: AC-49
Design: Cambridge.
Colour: Satin Olivewood.
     B-Palermo Riven Lime
Door Identity: BC-50
Design: Palermo.
Colour: Riven Lime.

Eight vinyl Matt finish doors - all flat design with ′cubist′ edging profile ......

S-Matt Cafe Late
Door Identity: SCM-1
Design: Matt.
Colour: Cafe Late.
     S-Matt Flint Grey
Door Identity: SCM-2
Design: Matt.
Colour: Flint Grey.
     S-Matt Ice Blue
Door Identity: SCM-3
Design: Matt.
Colour: Ice Blue.
     S-Matt Melanzana
Door Identity: SCM-4
Design: Matt.
Colour: Melanzana.
     S-Matt Mocha
Door Identity: SCM-5
Design: Matt.
Colour: Mocha.
     S-Matt Pistachio
Door Identity: SCM-6
Design: Stealth.
Colour: Pistachio.
     S-Matt Vanilla
Door Identity: SCM-7
Design: Maidstone.
Colour: Vanilla.
     S-Matt Satin Aluminium
Door Identity: SCM-8
Design: Yeovil.
Colour: Satin Aluminium.

Fifteen PVC edged ′economy′ doors - all flat design with 2mm edging ......

A-3 Bavarian Beech
Door Identity: 3AC-1
Design: 3mm PVC Edge.
Colour: Bavarian Beech.
     A-3 Swiss Pear
Door Identity: 3AC-3
Design: 3mm PVC Edge.
Colour: Swiss Pear.
     A-3 Dark Walnut
Door Identity: 3AC-4
Design: 3mm PVC Edge.
Colour: Dark Walnut.
     A-3 French Walnut
Door Identity: 3AC-5
Design: 3mm PVC Edge.
Colour: French Walnut.
     A-3 Light Beech
Door Identity: 3AC-6
Design: 3mm PVC Edge.
Colour: Light Beech.
     A-3 Maple
Door Identity: 3AC-7
Design: 3mm PVC Edge.
Colour: Maple.
     A-3 Cappucino
Door Identity: 3AC-8
Design: 3mm PVC Edge.
Colour: Cappucino.
     A-3 Sand
Door Identity: 3AC-9
Design: 3mm PVC Edge.
Colour: Sand.
     A-3 Buttermilk
Door Identity: 3AC-10
Design: 3mm PVC Edge.
Colour: Buttermilk.

A-3 Red
Door Identity: 3AC-11
Design: 3mm PVC Edge.
Colour: Red.
     A-3 Blue
Door Identity: 3AC-12
Design: 3mm PVC Edge.
Colour: Blue.
     A-3 Green
Door Identity: 3AC-13
Design: 3mm PVC Edge.
Colour: Green.
     A-3 Yellow
Door Identity: 3AC-14
Design: 3mm PVC Edge.
Colour: Yellow.
     A-3 Titanium
Door Identity: 3AC-15
Design: 3mm PVC Edge.
Colour: Titanium.

Please note: colours shown may vary with the actual door, due to limitations of screen resolutions & photography.

Please see sample colour before ordering.