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High Gloss, Made-to-Measure Vinyl Kitchen Doors.

Vinyl Kitchen Doors. Any Design, Any Finish, Any Size.

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Please note:
The following door designs and colours are for the full door replacement of a kitchen, bedroom, living, or office only. Adding a new run of units remote from the original can be acceptable, but unfortunately we can not supply odd door replacements where they are mixed in with old.

Although we are happy to supply complete sets of new doors and accessories to refurbish your furniture, unfortunately we are now unable to supply any doors and/or accessories to match old missing or damaged doors where the supplier is unknown. Unless adding to an earlier order we have supplied, the possibility of realistically matching and identifying your existing vinyl door supplied from an unknown source, to one from our range is extremely slim.

The door design, sizes and shapes of moulding detail, woodgrain pattern, surface texture finish, colour tones and sheen level, can change dramatically from different manufacturers even if they look similar. Additionally, the costs and economics of matching and supplying low cost items is not practical, as research, packing and carriage costs can cost more than a small order making it uneconomical to supply.

The following is just a small sample of the many high gloss vinyl doors we have to offer...

Our vinyl kitchen door range is manufactured from 18mm mdf with most of the colours having a matching melamine back to the door. There are a total of 32 colours in the high gloss vinyl collection, with over 10 designs to choose from that is a lot of combinations. We also have matching accessories so you can give your kitchen a complete makeover without breaking the bank!

These doors are available made-to-measure so are available any size, ideal for kitchen door replacement.

Please mouseover any image below for an enlargement of the door shown.

A-New Gloss Cappucino
Door Identity: AG1
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Cappucino.
    A-New Gloss Cream
Door Identity: AG2
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Cream.
     A-New Gloss Red
Door Identity: AG3
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Red.
     A-New Gloss White
Door Identity: AG4
Design: Gloss.
Colour: White.
     B2-Premier Gloss Black
Door Identity: B2G5
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Black.
     B2-Premier Gloss Vanilla
Door Identity: B2G6
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Vanilla.
     B-Lincoln Gloss Olive
Door Identity: BG7
Design: Gloss Lincoln.
Colour: Olive.
     B-Modena Gloss Paprika
Door Identity: BG8
Design: Gloss Modena.
Colour: Paprika.
     B-Modena Gloss Cream
Door Identity: BG9
Design: Gloss Modena.
Colour: Cream.
     B-Ashford Gloss Red
Door Identity: BG10
Design: Gloss Ashford.
Colour: Red.

A-Sienna Gloss Red
Door Identity: AG11
Design: Gloss Sienna (Grooved).
Colour: Red.
    B-Modena Gloss Olive
Door Identity: BG12
Design: Gloss Modena.
Colour: Olive.
     B-Palermo Gloss Cream
Door Identity: BG13
Design: Gloss Palermo.
Colour: Gloss Cream.
     S-Gloss Burgundy
Door Identity: SG14
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Burgundy.
     S-Gloss Cappuccino
Door Identity: SG15
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Cappuccino.
     S-Gloss Alabaster
Door Identity: SG16
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Alabaster.
     B-Warwick Gloss Paprika
Door Identity: BG17
Design: Gloss Warwick.
Colour: Paprika.
     B-Palermo Gloss White
Door Identity: BG18
Design: Gloss Palermo.
Colour: White.
     S-Gloss Chocolate
Door Identity: SG19
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Chocolate.
     B-Tuscany Gloss Red
Door Identity: BG20
Design: Gloss Tuscany.
Colour: Red.

A-Gloss Birch Roxan
Door Identity: AG21
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Birch.
    A-New Gloss Plum Prunus
Door Identity: AG22
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Plum Prunus.
     A-New Gloss Maple
Door Identity: AG23
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Maple.
     B-Modena Gloss Cherry
Door Identity: BG24
Design: Gloss Modena.
Colour: Cherry.
     B-Ashford Gloss Ebony
Door Identity: BG25
Design: Gloss Ashford.
Colour: Ebony.
     B-Ashford Gloss Maple
Door Identity: BG26
Design: Gloss Ashford.
Colour: Maple.
     S-Gloss Miracosa
Door Identity: SG27
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Miracosa.
     S-Gloss Beech Roxan
Door Identity: SG28
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Beech.
     S-Gloss Zobrano
Door Identity: SG29
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Zobrano.
     S-Gloss Ebony
Door Identity: SG35
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Ebony.

S-Gloss Wenge
Door Identity: SG30
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Wenge.
     B-Modena Gloss Maple
Door Identity: BG32
Design: Gloss Modena.
Colour: Maple.
     B-Tuscany Gloss Plum Prunus
Door Identity: BG33
Design: Gloss Tuscany.
Colour: Plum Prunus.
     B-Venice Gloss Cherry
Door Identity: BG34
Design: Gloss Venice.
Colour: Cherry.
     B-Warwick Gloss Cherry
Door Identity: BG31
Design: Gloss Warwick.
Colour: Cherry.
     S-Gloss French Walnut
Door Identity: SG36
Design: Gloss.
Colour: French Walnut.
     B-Milano Gloss Plum Prunus
Door Identity: BG37
Design: Gloss Milano.
Colour: Plum Prunus.
     S-Gloss Ferrara Oak
Door Identity: SG38
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Ferrara Oak.
     S-Gloss Macassa
Door Identity: SG39
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Macassa.
     B-Palermo Gloss Olive
Door Identity: BG40
Design: Gloss Palermo.
Colour: Olive.

S-Gloss Yellow
Door Identity: SG41
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Yellow.
     S-Gloss Mushroom
Door Identity: SG42
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Mushroom.
    S-Gloss Olive Green
Door Identity: SG43
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Olive Green.
     S-Gloss Peppermint
Door Identity: SG44
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Peppermint.
     S-Gloss Plum
Door Identity: SG46
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Plum.
     S-Gloss Sky Blue
Door Identity: SG47
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Sky Blue.
     S-Gloss China Red
Door Identity: SG48
Design: Gloss.
Colour: China Red.
     S-Gloss Ivory
Door Identity: SG49
Design: Gloss.
Colour: Ivory.
     B-Rimini Gloss Paprika
Door Identity: BG50
Design: Gloss Rimini.
Colour: Paprika.

Please note: colours shown may vary with the actual door, due to limitations of screen resolutions & photography.

Please see sample colour before ordering.

Some of the door colours available in the above designs are as follows......

Gloss White Gloss Ivory Gloss Cream Gloss Vanilla Gloss Mushroom
Gloss Cappucino Gloss Alabaster Gloss Yellow Gloss Peppermint Gloss Wenge
Gloss Plum Gloss Red Gloss China Red Gloss Burgundy Gloss Black
Gloss Plum Prunus Gloss Chocolate Gloss Olive Green Gloss Paprika Gloss Cherry
Gloss Maple Gloss Birch Gloss Beech Gloss Ferrara Oak
Gloss French Walnut Gloss Macassa Gloss Miracosa Gloss Zobrano Gloss Ebony

Made to measure:

We make our replacement kitchen doors to absolutely any size, whether you are replacing the doors
on a custom made kitchen or one you have bought from a DIY store, we can still manufacture the doors to fit.


If you choose to fit them yourself, you will find our replacement kitchen doors are easy to install,
our trained staff will offer free advice on any aspect of the ordering and fitting. If required,
we can include a full installation service in London and the south east of England.

Other Accessories:

We have an extensive handle range that compliments our replacement kitchen doors perfectly. Whether
you require traditional or contemporary kitchen door handles, we have the choice to enhance your replacement doors.

To complete the kitchen we can offer new hinges and plates. Broken drawer boxes no problem, we can change them too. Worktops are available in laminate, granite, quartz, timber or glass, also we can supply tiles and flooring. Please view our full range of kitchen appliances whether it is a sink and taps, oven, hob, dishwasher, or any other kitchen appliance we can supply it.

Don’t Forget! You can update your existing kitchen to soft close doors and drawers with very little extra cost as well.

Please contact us or talk to us at Dream Kitchens to discuss your requirements and help us turn your kitchen or bedroom into your dreams.