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Food waste disposal made easy:

It is not only convenient for you, but great for the environment

A food waste disposer is a simply must-have appliance for the modern kitchen. A waste disposer from InSinkErator® doesn’t just offer practical, contemporary convenience; it provides an environmentally responsible answer to the growing problem of food waste.

This is food waste disposal made easy. Fitted easily and discreetly under the sink, a waste disposer effortlessly grinds food waste into tiny particles that are automatically flushed away down a standard kitchen drain into the local waste treatment system or a septic tank.

Food waste accounts for about 20% of all household rubbish. Food scraps that have been through a waste disposer can be used to create biosolids or biogas as part of a holistic waste management approach. When the recycled material is used as a power source, soil conditioner or fertiliser, the cycle begins again!

Just about any food waste you can think of – including meat bones – is dealt with by the waste disposer in seconds. The top model, the Evolution 200 can deal with ALL food waste.

    • Food waste is dealt with hygienically and instantly – rather than it being left in a bin to encourage smells, bacteria and insects

    • Less food waste ends up in landfill to contribute to methane and other green house gas emissions

    • Less food waste has to be collected and transported to those land fill sites – good news for carbon footprints!

In some areas of the UK, local authorities are paying people to install a sink disposer. It has been estimated that each food waste disposer could save a local council £19 a year – a figure that could be reflected in cheaper council tax bills.

    Quick Facts:

    • Food waste accounts for 20% of your household rubbish

    • Local authorities could save around £19 per household if everyone were to use a food waste disposer

    • Biogas generated as a result of recycling can be used to produce around 33 units of electricity each year

    • Soil conditioner produced as a result of recycling is high in nitrogen, a vital source of nutrients for soil and so ideal for farm land

Choice of Kitchen Waste Disposals:

Storing food waste can create many health problems and in the hot months can be very undesirable. To store a bin full of food scraps and wet waste for up to 2 weeks before it is collected, is both hazardous and unpleasant.

A waste disposal fitted in your kitchen sink means less waste for collection, less pollution, fewer lorries so less emissions. Although many use a garden compost 'green' activities such as composting cannot be used for dairy products, fish, eggs, pasta, rice and bones which can all be disposed of safely in a waste disposal.

Running a waste disposal costs less than 1p per day and the water used is equivalent to one flush of the toilet.

Waste disposal ISE model 45         Waste disposal ISE model 55         Waste disposal ISE model 65         Waste disposal ISE model 100         Waste disposal ISE model 200

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