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Kitchen Video - Pull out Base Units.


We all dream of our perfect kitchen – one that's easy to use and move around in, clutter free and organised to perfection.

The kitchen is one the busiest areas of your home, which makes clutter inevitable. Try and organise it, don't cook not knowing where the next essential tool can be found – cooking should be enjoyable and stress free.

Is your kitchen the one where everything is stacked wherever it fits and nothing can be found when it's required?

Enhance that dream kitchen, maximize the efficiency of your space with our large selection of products, all designed to increase storage capability and keep everything together, then next time you can have the pleasure of knowing where you can find that 'missing' item when it is required.

There is an enormous choice, from base cabinet pull-outs and corner systems, drawer management, spice racks and cabinet door systems, larder fittings, under cabinet pull downs, cabinet wine racks, built-in towel, tray and bottle storage, appliance lifts and appliance storage – just too many to show.

You will be surprised as to how much space can be gained and how much easier it is to cook –
from just getting organised.

Base Pull-Out Accessories.
  x    base pull-out (shown).
  x    base pull-out.
  x    Base storage pull-out.
  x    Wall storage pull-out.

kitchen base 150mm, towel rail pull-out kitchen base 150mm, tray pull-out kitchen base 150mm, baskets pull-out kitchen base 150mm, pull-out

kitchen base Chrome Splayed/Angle Pull-Out kitchen Base Pull-Out Vegetable Baskets kitchen Base Pull-Out Wire Drawers kitchen Base Pull-out Storage Baskets

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